Maidstone was officially opened for business in 1934 on Summit Avenue by Helen Statton. The well-known “Maidstone Philosophy” was perfected years before when her husband Philo started Statton Furniture Manufacturing in 1926 and she worked as the “stylist”. Together, they would change how the furniture industry sold its products.

Mrs. Statton developed and perfected what became known as the “Gallery” method of displaying home furnishings. Every detail, from paint colors and wallpaper, down to lamps, and even the bouquet of flowers on the table, was coordinated by Helen. Every detail had to be “Just so”.

She introduced to a small-town better-styled home furnishings and “Tasteful” interior design. “Attention to the Smallest Details” became her credo.

It wasn’t long before Maidstone became known within the industry as “The Smartest Little Store in America”. This would be a tough act to follow for Helen’s daughter, Pamela. After graduating from Vassar and studying art in Paris, she was ready to carry on the tradition and excellence known as Maidstone. Like her mother, Pamela’s attention to detail and sense of style was exceptional.

Pamela’s daughter – Elizabeth – joined her mother in the fall of 1980. She continued the tradition of excellence at the Maidstone’s original location until 2007.

As was her grandmother a trendsetter in the furniture and Interior Design industry, Betsy saw a need to create a new and unique approach to design in the tri-state area. She carried on the “Just so” philosophy to her new venture – Maidstone Interior Design Services – on The Terrace.

At Maidstone she provides better-styled home furnishings and interior design of exquisite taste. Betsy can assist you with even your smallest design need.

“Our location may have changed but the philosophy and the tradition of excellence remain unchanged”.